FAQ – DIY Fun Toys


What tools do I need to assemble a model? 
Each set is supplied with everything necessary for assembly, according to each model’s specific requirements. In some instances, a set of small files, sandpaper, a utility blade, or candle wax may be used.

Do your wood products have burrs? 
We adopt a rapid stamping process to minimize burrs. Also an eco-friendly black sand paper is given in the packaging. If you find the surface not smooth enough, just rub it with the sandpaper.

Are your products likely to be damaged?
Our products are high-density plywood made from basswood, with solid texture and shape. The products (with color packaging box) passed the international toy anti-drop standard test to ensure the good condition during transportation. 

What if some part of board is missing/broken?  
Don't worry, just contact us at info@diyfuntoys.com, we will help you solve this issue immediately.

Are the products safe and environmentally friendly? 
Our products adopt high-quality wood, soy ink and other green materials to provide safe and reliable playing experience for every child!

Is it possible to paint the model? 
Yes, you can paint it. We recommend using watercolor paint or a water-based stain. We suggest painting after you have assembled your kit as painting pieces before assembly will add a layer of material to the wood and might cause friction problems during operation. You can use acrylic paints as well, however, the density may prevent gears from moving freely. 

How long does it take to build it? 
On average, it needs 4-8 hours to build (varies on each models).

How does the sandpaper and waxing work?
After removing parts from the sheet, look for the places where they were joined. These will usually be small 'bumps' of rough wood. These need to be sanded as smooth as possible, especially if this surface will be moving against another part. Wax should be applied on all surfaces that will bear against other parts. Both of these are critical to finishing with smoothly operating model.

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